From Visual Art to Poetry, from Languages to Music

Delphine started building her artistic world trought painting and litterature. From age 7, she devoured books and blaken pages of fantastic heroines. As a teenager, she fell in love with Romantic poets andsouthern american Magic Realism. She inherited her appeal to Spanish culture from  her beloved great-uncle from Uruguay and dived into the English language when visiting the Bronte sister's house in northern England  at 15. Once at university, she graduated in a Master of English and Spanish , flew and live in Great Britain and  studied still life art and watercolours in Newcastle.

Armed with both her linguistic and artistic strings, she found a job as an English, Spanish and Art teacher, while teaching herself the guitare, navigating again between English-speaking lands (Joan Baez, Joni Mitchel, Leonard Cohen...) to Spanish-speaking ones (Lhasa de Sela, Chavela Vargas, Sefardic songs).

In 2011, a bone desease immobilized her  and shook both her body and her profesionnal route : she decided to focus more on singing and writing songs, she healed and her bones recovered.

2016 : The Lighthouse Tree - Forces, Rebirth and Protest

In Summer 2015 she finishes the last song of The Lighthouse Tree, she quited her teaching job and thanks to a crowdfunding she self produced her album, released in September 2016.

The Lighthouse Tree is a concept album tracing the initiatic voyage of a lady called Peau d’Âme ("Soul Skin") on her way to a world and a life that corresponds to her ideals.  Many songs reveal prophetic visions of drown civilisations, a Nature in need for protection, humans seeking for rebirth and Hope, as an increasing wind of protest echoes on the Earth. Her song the Eyes of the Owl, illustrated the work of artist Sai Kham Lynn, 1st prize of Yangon Photo Festival (clic on the video called "The Elder Sister" on Myanmar Stories Facebook).

"The Lighthouse Tree" is an autobiographical album but Delphine used mythological figures to symbolise what she came through. Medieval bestiary, greek myths, ancient legends, Hydras, sirens, Gorgons meet Lions, owl and Unicorn.

2017/2018: convalescence and composition of the second album , a tribute to Poets

In August 2017, Delphine's left hand get cracked by a statue. Forced to stop playing for a year, she began the writing of a trilingual album that will gather songs inspired from her favorite poets, Djalāl ad-Dīn Rumi, Sylvia Plath, William Wordsworth, Pablo Neruda, Pedro Salinas, René Char and contemporary poet Marie Huot.  She hopes that the audience will want to read those past or present voices for wisdom and beauty.

2019 : Arrangement of her music with double-bass-drum player Pierre Lacube

Since winter 2019, Delphine Capron is accompanied by Pierre Lacube who studied drums and doublebass at the conservatoire of Aix-en-Provence and Jazz School of Salon de Provence. After 10 years touring with band Pense-Bête, they now work together on the arrangements of the 1st and 2nd album Loin de la Colère du Lion, (in English : far away from the wrath of the Lion). Together, they draw a landscape evolving between progressive dream folk, sometimes offering some very classical and  romantic intentions.

To be continued!