Indian summer


As I couldn't play the guitare due to my accident in August 2017, I spent most of my year 2017/2018 working as an English teacher .

I finished the writing of my second album which is a good step but I was very frustrated not to play, but a new year has come ūüôā

I am so glad to say that this new year 2018/2019 will be mostly focused on my musical projects. I am looking for an editor and also a producer because I don't want to self produce this new CD, I need to be surrounded by professionals who will help my music to be visible. So this is one of the two challenges I plan.

This fall, I have started to rearrange the whole set for other instruments. Singer songwriter Fabrice Valenza, works with me now and he will play  solo guitare, percussions and as a backing vocalist.

We will be playing in two weeks on the 12th of October, at the festival 'Sous les Feuilles d'Automne' in charming village next to St Remy de Provence, Eygaliere, here is the program.

I am invited to sing on Saturday 27th October in the bookshop De Nature Rerum in Arles. Specialised in Antiquity History, Anne Pelegrini will tell us the story of Medusa and an exhibition about her by artist Olivia Rosa-Blondel.

Another concert is planned on November 30th in a beautiful house in Arles on Friday 29th, November 2018, contact me by email or facebook to get the address.

Paul Alonso, flutist, will be present in this November show to take your ears to faraway lands...

I am now leaving you with a musical memory : a video of one of my very first concert in Saint Anne Chapel, Arles, along with guitarist Alexandre Inglebert. I had translated and adapted a medieval sefardic song from old Spanish to English language:  La Rosa Enflorece. I remember being touched as some very young people came for asking me about the original song. They would have never discover sefardic musical heritage by themselves but the English version and rearrangement had built a bridge.

I now leave you with the lyrics of this beautiful songs and the link of the video. 


 The Roses are blooming in this month of May, but my soul is going darker / It hurts my heart, it hurts

Sweet nightingales are singing, they sing and sight for love/It hurts my heart, it hurts

Please quick come to me my Dove

Come my Soul and hurry. Come... for I am about to die


Thank you so much dear Babette Gaillard.

Take care,


Arles, 26th September, 2018